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The tale starts half a decade ago when Dro and Kirk crossed paths during a haircutting workshop. It quickly became evident that they shared a profound passion for acquiring extensive knowledge and mastering their craft. Over the subsequent five years, they diligently honed their skills by attending classes and apprenticing under expert award winning barber and entrepreneur ‘Catchafade’.

2Elevate is a culmination of their acquired wisdom, and is designed to share all they’ve learned, including shape control, advanced fading techniques, and the art of cultivating a loyal clientele.

Mastering Precision: 2 Day Course

Over the span of two intensive days, you will immerse yourself in the world of men’s hairstyling and grooming From classic cuts to contemporary trends, 2elevate will cover a wide range of techniques to ensure you develop a versatile skill set. What sets 2elevate’s two-day men’s barbering course apart is the commitment to practical learning. You will have the opportunity to work on live models and hone your skills in a real salon environment. 2elevate’s experienced instructors will provide personalized guidance and feedback, helping you perfect your technique and build confidence in your abilities.

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  • Advanced fading technique
  • The art of shaping a fade
  • The importance of length transition
  • Head anatomy
  • Line theory
  • Using scissors to create shape
  • The harmony of clippers and scissors
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About Us


Meet Kirk, a respected barber with 7 years of experience. With a natural talent for hair artistry and a commitment to sharing his expertise, Kirk is shaping the future of the grooming industry. His teaching style fosters success, combining theory, practical skills, and real-world insights. Join Kirk to unlock your potential and thrive in your barbering career.


Meet Dro, an outstanding barber with four years of industry experience. Known for his creative vision and technical precision, Dro consistently delivers exceptional results. With a keen eye to details and deep understanding of head anatomy, Dro provides personalized and transformative grooming experiences. Trust Dro to elevate your craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

At 2ELEVATE, we understand that the world of men’s grooming is constantly evolving, and we are here to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to stay ahead of the game. Our renowned course offers a comprehensive learning experience that combines theory with hands-on practice, all under the guidance of industry experts who are passionate about their craft.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned hair professional or a newcomer to the field, this course caters to all. Regardless of your expertise, the insights from this course will be invaluable. For those just starting out, you’ll gain insights into comprehending diverse head shapes and sizes, various hair types, essential tools, effective techniques, and beyond. For those at an advanced level, the course offers insights into refining your haircuts, understanding customer preferences, and establishing long-term client relationships.

The course will take place at Blankspace Salon

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